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Thinking about switching your job or your career at the age of 30 or 35? Well, most of the people have this myth that there is a defined range of age in which one can make his or her career and that he or she will stick to it till the end.
We cannot blame you for having this thought in your head because we, ourselves have grown up thinking this way. But, with the advent of Tour and Travel courses and job opportunities, we can think of trying something new and fascinating which will also help us in fetching the handsome amount of money per month.

At Travelocademy, we provide best tour and travel courses to our trainees which help them to get a decent and respectable job with a good amount of salary and other perks.

The question is how much time will it take to get eligible for the job?

There are different types of courses that are being taught at Travelocademy.
1. Travel and Tourism Foundation Course that has a duration of 3 months.

2. Travel and Tourism Professional Course that has a duration of 6 months.

3. Travel and Tourism Advance Professional Course that has a duration of 9 months. 

With these basic courses, you can simultaneously join other relevant courses such as GDS Training, Personality Development, Languages etc. that will help you to crack your interviews like a pro.

Therefore, giving yourself less than a year can help you get your dream job.
Another question is, why this job is a dream job?
Well for that, you might want to read our other blog that is-

Why make a career in cabin crew?

I hope this blog will help you to get some of the answers you are looking for. But for more details and queries, you can visit our website.
We hope that one day you land in the perfect spot in terms of your career.