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Personality Development


TravelOcademy’s Personality development course has many dimensions. This 2 months tailor made course is designed for individuals who desire to have no limits. This course not just covers public speaking (selected topics) but also helps you in understanding things through reading body language efficiently. We pay all our attention to the words spoken by people and no or minimum attention to their body, face and other movements.

This course will help you in understanding the unspoken language. Art of influencing is another dimension we will explore in this course. Everyone is selling something in today’s world, it can be a product, service or idea. It becomes easier to sell something if not done forcefully. Art of influencing helps you to sell anything just by creating indirect situations and circumstances. Another aspect covered in the training is detecting lies,  deep case studies done on universal gestures and reactions used by people while lying is shared in our programme to detect lie.

Human personality/behaviour is basically driven by thought process and emotions. Not limiting ourselves to thought process, If emotions can be controlled most of our decision becomes automatically correct. We help you attaining this subtle art through our special training plan to keep the emotions at right place while taking decisions. We will also help you in remembering the most difficult sequences, contents and many more.

Benefits of doing this course

  • Learn how to understand body language
  • Public speaking (Basic)
  • Detect a lie
  • Learn a mysterious subtle art
  • Become confident
  • Public speaking (Selected topics)
  • Body language
  • Subtle Art
  • Getting beyond emotions
  • Art of influencing (Sales)
  • Lie detector
  • Sharpen observation skills

Course Features

  • Eligibility : 15 Years +
  • Duaration : 2 Month
Fee : 20,000/- (Call counseller now to avail scholarship)

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