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Travel & Tourism – Professional


This 6 months Travel and Tourism Professional course is an extension to Travel and Tourism foundation. The course is not limited to Air Travel but extends to Water Transport(Ferries & Cruises), Land Transport (Road and Railways), Hotels, Top destinations, Tour packages and many more. Gamification, digitization, videos are the techniques used by us to make the course look easier and understandable.

Air fare calculations training will be delivered to calculate fare manually. Not just theory, trainees will be getting 1 GDS training to become travel expert and create PNR and packages for individuals and groups. Post understanding the travel world completely we provide you with a complete Personality development and Spoken English worth Rs 27,000 free of cost. Experts from different fields of travel industry will be conducting guest lectures to the students.

Towards the end of the training to make trainees more confident, we will be conducting specialised interview skill training to crack all types of interviews. Trainees will get a chance to work with top Airlines as crew and ground staff. This course will help you to get a job that pays you to travel round the world.

  • Travel Agency Operations and Management
  • Domestic and International Knowledge
  • Understanding Visa and Foreign Exchange
  • End to End Package Sale Process
  • Hotels Products and Services
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Travel Marketing Strategies
  • Booking of Tour Packages
  • Tour Operator
  • Destination Specific Knowledge
  • Travel Insurance
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Land Transport- Rail, Road and Sea
  • Water Transport – Ferries & Cruises
  • Role of Travel Agency/ Tour operators
  • Inbound/ Outbound Tour operation
  • Itinerary Planning & Customer Service
  • Customer Service And Relationship
  • Hotels Products and Services
  • World Maps
  • World Geography
  • Intro to travel & tourism
  • Introduction to IATA
  • IATA Regulations
  • Travel Terminologies
  • General knowledge of travel & tourism
  • Role and Functions of IATA
  • Basic Air Fare and Ticketing
  • Role and Functions of IATA
  • Travel itineraries (Basics)
  • Geographical Knowledge
  • Detailed Travel Itineraries Training
  • Geographical Components of Tourism
  • Types and Forms of Tourism
  • World Airlines/Airports/City codes/Currencies
  • Flight Booking & PNR creation
  • Airline Ticketing and CRS
  • Introduction destination Analysis
  • Tour Packages- Hotels
  • Air Transport Essentials
  • Computerised Reservation System
  • IATA Areas
  • Journey Global Indicator
  • Case Study
  • GDS Training
  •  English Speaking
  • Public Speaking Course
  • Mock Interviews Conducted by Professionals
  • Interview Skills
  • Resume Building
  • Personality Development

Q) Why should I choose a career in Travel and Tourism industry?

In India Travel and Tourism industry is the second highest foreign exchange earner. Career in Travel and Tourism industry offers limitless opportunities to students. This industry provides careers with airlines, hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, tourism departments, car rental companies, transport, banks etc.

Q) What qualification should I have to start a career in Travel and Tourism industry?

With the growing demand of professionals, it has become necessary to take formal training from any recognized travel and tourism institute. Many companies prefer to hire students who have completed travel and tourism courses.

Q) Is it necessary to have certificate or degree to work in travel and tourism industry?
A degree in travel and tourism is must for jobs in government tourism departments. Most companies do not require a college degree or certificate to start working. If you have good knowledge of the tourism industry, you will be able to fulfil all the requirements of a job in this industry.

Q) What are the eligibility criteria for admission to travel and tourism courses?

There are many travel and tourism institutes, affiliated to various universities and colleges, which provide training in tourism courses at the diploma and degree level. The minimum requirement for admission to travel and tourism courses at undergraduate level is higher secondary. The postgraduate courses require graduation in any academic discipline and fluency in at least one foreign language.

Q) What information is given to students in Travel and Tourism courses?

Travel and Tourism courses are aimed at clearing concepts of students related to ticketing, reservations, tour packages, customer service and much more. Upon successfully completing of these courses, you will get a certificate of completion, which help students in finding excellent placements in a reputed company.

Q) What is the duration of Travel and Tourism courses?

Duration of the training mainly depends on the type of course and institute. There are many short term and crash courses also available. Minimum duration is 3months. At Travelocademy, we also provide 6 months and 9 months courses.

Q) What are the career options available to students in travel and tourism industry?

There are a host of opportunities available for students in travel and tourism industry. In travel and tourism industry there is job prospects exist in both public as well as private sector. In the public sector, one can find excellent job in the government tourism departments. On the other hand, in the private sector student can find employment in a travel agencies, hotels, airlines, transport and cargo companies etc.

Q) What type of work is involved in travel and tourism industry?

Travel and Tourism industry is mainly concerned with giving services to people who are going away from home, either on business trip or on a vacation. This industry work area involves dealing with customers, providing ticketing and money exchange facilities, arranging visas, making reservations, providing tourist guides and all-important details that are needed.

Q) What types of jobs available in travel and tourism industry?

Customer service representatives, reservation representatives, flight attendant, meeting planners, cruise assistants, cruise support staff, cruise directors, corporate travel consultant, Holiday consultant, corporate travel manager, home-based agent, tourist guide, money changer, district sales manager, deputy general manager, director of operations, director of sales and marketing, guest services manager, counter clerk, director of tourism, information officer, director of event services, event coordinator, incentive travel specialist, tour coordinators and many more.

Q) I have heard a lot about IATA or ARC number, what is the function of IATA or ARC number in travel and tourism industry?

ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) and IATA (International Air Transportation Association) are two organizations that issue unique ARC or IATA number to qualified organizations. After getting IATA or ARC this number organization can issue tickets and claim for commission.

Q) What is a home-based travel agent? Is it easy to open my own travel and tourism agency after the completion of travel and tourism course?

A home-based travel agent is a very good career option. In order to become a home based travel agent first acquire IATA or ARC number and then you need to have an account with supplier .To obtain this number u have to meet certain requirements i.e. experience and training in travel and tourism industry, membership fees, money in the bank etc You can work at home and earn commission on all travel reservations by suppliers. You can also work as an independent agent with an agency.

Q) How much I can earn in a travel and tourism industry?

Pay scales mainly depend on the company, city, position etc. As a trainee in travel and tourism industry you can expect a starting salary of Rs 15000-20000 per month.

Q) What is the future of travel and tourism industry?

Travel and tourism industry in India isbooming and will continue to show impressive growth rates. The tie-ups of private airlines with foreign airlines have increased the flow of domestic and foreign tourists in the country.

Course Features

  • Eligibility : 10+2
  • Duaration : 6 Month
Fee : 70,000/- (Call counseller now to avail scholarship)

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